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Essential Car Protection Tips:

How to keep your car safe in the garage

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Follow our advice to avoid denting and scraping your car



We all know the garage is the safest place for your car, right? While it’s true your car is protected from the elements and it’s more difficult for someone to break into it, chances are your garage is full of potential hazards. Our car protection tips will help keep your car free from dents and scratches.


Park with care

From the humble hanging tennis ball to a high-tech laser parking guide, there are loads of ways to avoid denting your car while pulling into the garage. You could also attach a parking block to the floor with a suitable adhesive or screws. Then you can slowly drive forward until your tyres touch the block. Whichever option you decide to go with, slowing down as you enter the garage is our best safety tip.

Let there be light!

It’s hard to park in the right spot and avoid anything left lying around if you’re in the dark! All our Merlin automatic door openers come with LED lighting to brighten up your garage. Sensor lights are another good option – have them hardwired in or get one that can be plugged into a power point.

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Keep your garage neat and organised

Is your garage a dumping ground for bikes, tools and gardening equipment? Decluttering and organising your garage will give you a clear space to park your car without causing any dings!

Don’t hit the wall!

Do you or your kids constantly open the car door right into the wall? Cushion the impact by buying wall bumpers or make your own using a pool noodle. Simply cut a noodle in half with a sharp knife and use screws to attach it to the wall at the height your car door hits. Problem solved!

Be careful when moving things around

Hanging bikes, surfboards and other large items from the ceiling is a great storage solution. Make sure to move your car out of the way before taking things down or putting them back up though.