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Garage Door Repair Solutions for Property Managers

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Does a garage door on your rental property need some TLC or an emergency repair? Our Knights will come to your rescue!

Garage doors repair for property manager - Auckland


Garage Door repairs - Property managers

Garage Door maintenance - Property manager

uckland Garage Door Installations and repairs

Your trusted garage door repair and maintenance service, call us today!

Property managers have a lot to manage, taking care of their portfolio of properties and ensuring both the landlords and tenants are happy. We work with property managers across Auckland and take great pride in making you look good by providing a fast, reliable, quality service.

If you need a repair, look no further than Knight Garage Doors. We have a wealth of knowledge on many different types of doors, and experience in many different scenarios. We make sure to carry spare parts and accessories, so we can often inspect and repair the door in the same visit. Plus, our after-hours emergency repair service is available Monday to Friday if you need to ensure the property is secure or prevent additional damage.

If you need to replace a damaged or old door we offer affordable options as tilt steel doors or secure roller doors. 

Common repairs include:

  • Broken springs
  • Cables
  • Locks
  • Track rollers
  • Openers (motors)
  • General wear and tear

Make us your trusted go-to professional by getting in touch 022 4011 268.


A garage door is something you take for granted, until it stops working!

A broken garage door is a major problem, especially if a car is stuck inside or there’s a security risk to the property. With garage doors under constant pressure from daily use, repairs will be necessary from time to time, especially as the garage door ages. Our Knights carry a range of spare parts and accessories, so often we can check the door and repair it on the same visit.

Landlords testimonial: 

"Tenant's garage stopped working, found Knight Garage through NoCoyboys, read up the comments and decided to give them a go, couldn't be more impressed by the whole experience. Gawain answered the phone, and although he had a few jobs on, he said he will try attend my job late that afternoon and he did. Great communication, knowledgeably diagnosed the issue and have it replaced that evening at reasonable rates too, I also like the fact that he seemed very stocked on system and parts which makes it easy to resolve the issue there and then. Highly recommended! 🙂"- Wendy


We’ve got you covered for emergency after-hours repairs

Did a spring break? Do you need to get to work but your car is stuck in the garage? We understand that some garage door repairs need to be fixed quickly, particularly if you need to keep your property secure or prevent more damage to your home. We are available Monday to Friday for fast and reliable after-hours emergency repairs.
Phone us on 022 4011 268.

Emergency testimonial:

"Chain snapped on our garage door on a Friday night. Rang about 6 repairers and no one worked weekends or late nights! Slightly difficult when both cars are shut in the garage!! Knight Garage doors answered on the first call. They evaluated the problem with recommendations that we instituted. Everything was managed professionally and efficiently and our door operates like new. Knight ticked all the boxes for me and would definitely recommend based on their high performance and ready availability to help."- Robbie


Garage door maintenance for property managersMaintain the garage doors in your portfolio

Just like other things on your property, garage doors need regular servicing to keep them in working order. Our Knights are experts who can quickly assess if there are any issues or parts in need of repair or replacement, which can prevent the need for costlier repairs down the track. You can trust us to keep the garage doors in your portfolio in tip-top shape.


We work directly with real estate agents and property managers

Contact one of our friendly Knights to arrange a time to see if your garage door is suitable for automation.




Very professional

"Garage door did not open on Sunday. Appeared that spring broke. After hour fee justified with quick service. Very professional and got on with the job. Explained everything that was done and even fixed the squeaky sounds. Gave advice regarding things to look out for and some maintenance." - Wai






They are my go to guys

"Great service, awesome at repairs and recommendations at a reasonable price. They are my go to guys, highly recommend." - Claire Erceg, Property Manager, The Rent Shop






Immediate assistance!

"Ben from Knight was outstanding. He came out well after hours to get me out of a tricky situation. He clearly knew everything about garage doors and fixed my issue with ease. I phoned a bunch of companies that night and Knight were the only ones to take my call and immediately assist. They even gave me an 'uber' style tracking link to see how far away Ben was. Outstanding service." - Joe