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A laundry in the garage frees up space in your home, but can often end up looking dreary. Follow our tips to create a stylish, functional and versatile laundry.



Start with the basics

  • Make sure you have good ventilation and take care with the acoustics to muffle the sound of the washing machine.
  • Remember the laundry is a wet area, so take this into account when choosing surfaces and flooring. Garage carpet could be a good option; it’s easy to care for and it won’t matter if it gets a little wet.
  • Include lighting to brighten up the laundry area. You could even add under-cabinet LED lights over the benchtop.
  • If floor space is limited, stack your washing machine and dryer to leave space for a cupboard or some shelving. If you have front-loading appliances, sit them under a benchtop and consider raising them up on a plinth, so they’re easier to load and unload.
  • Include a sink for handwashing delicate fabrics, pre-soaking and removing stains. You’ll find it also comes in handy for filling buckets, cleaning mud off sports shoes and anything else where it’s better to keep the mess out of the house!
  • A benchtop makes sorting and folding laundry a breeze, and makes a great work space for potting up plants, the kid’s crafts and more. If you’re short on bench space, add a cover to the sink.

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Include plenty of storage

Cupboards above and around your appliances will hide the clutter of detergents, fabric softeners, bleach and stain removers. In fact, the more storage space you have, the more can be tidied away - think household cleaning products, pet supplies and even winter bedding. Install child proof locks to keep harmful substances from little hands. Include a tall, narrow cupboard to store mops, brooms, the ironing board and a vacuum cleaner.

Keep dirty clothes off the bench or floor, where they could be a tripping hazard, by making room for built-in or free-standing laundry hampers.

Add the finishing touches

Think about what will make the space look and work better for you.

  • A rail over the sink can be used to drip dry shirts and delicate items.
  • Fold-away drying racks save space, and are a breeze to flip down, then fold up when not in use.
  • Hooks will add extra storage space for everything from brooms, to hats and raincoats.
  • For a completely uncluttered and tidy look, custom cabinet doors will hide your laundry from sight when not in use.

Remember that building a laundry that looks amazing and functions well doesn’t have to be complicated. Focus on practical matters like electricity, plumbing and insulating your garage door first. Then think about all the things you could use the area for and how you can optimise the space for your needs. Finally, consider adding little finishing touches like stylish decor and lighting fixtures… after all, who doesn’t love a pleasant space to work in!